Rietdijk Management Consultancy office profile

We help public and private organizations in solving administrative and social issues, realizing new strategies, improving performance and enhancing education, making choices based on mutual respect, passion and talents. Working together for the planet, population and society. Taking into account different cultures, political sensitivities, diplomatic negotiation and making choices. Advising new strategies to be followed on facts based on research, hearing and trial and practice in practice. Innovative, taking into account nature, environment and human potential.

For example, our advisors have been giving professional advice for almost 36 years, where our customers can build their future. Together we create new opportunities and put our clients ahead. Our advisors are enthusiastic, inspiring and share a great passion: practical solution oriented work. We solve complex issues by linking our sector knowledge with substantive expertise and multidisciplinary competencies from you and others.

Our advisors are particularly stress-proof, strategic, passion for crisis communication and politically-administratively complex issues. They are at their best in situations where the overview is lacking and a sharp advice is needed in a short period of time. They like to offer realistic advice, taking into account the strong and weak sides and preferences of the client and environmental factors.

As an interim manager, project manager, researcher, adviser and trainer, they are active for government and business. Their style is characterized by an open, direct, sincere no-nonsense approach.